Outpatient Injection/Infusion Services

Eaton Rapids Medical Center offers a variety of injection and infusion services, including but not limited to:


· Hematology infusions and injections (excluding chemotherapy)

· Hormone replacement injections and infusions

· Vaccine Administration

· Intravenous fluid administration

· Outpatient blood product infusions

· Paracentesis

· Gastrointestinal (GI) injections and infusions

· Therapeutic phlebotomy

· Central line lab draws/dressing changes

· Antibody infusions


Call 517.663.9403 to schedule an appointment with infusion services. A physician order is required.

Download Consent to, or Refusal of Blood/Blood Product Transfusion(s) form here.

Download General Infusion/Injection Orders form here. 

Download Iron Infusion Order form here.

Download Monoclonal Antibody Order form here.

Download Reclast Referral form here.

Download Therapeutic Paracentesis Outpatient Orders (Ultrasound Guided Paracentesis) form here. 

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