Patient Information

You have the right to receive considerate, respectful, and medically necessary care in a safe setting and to not be discriminated against for any reason. You have the right to receive care without abuse or harassment. You have the right to know the names and roles of everyone who cares for you. You have the right to information about your diagnosis, treatment, and possible medical outcome in a language you understand. You have the right to assistance with communication while receiving services at Eaton Rapids Medical Center.
We encourage you to ask questions about procedures and treatments and their risks and benefits. You are responsible for voicing these concerns or questions prior to consenting to your treatment plan. Except in emergency or life-threatening situations, you must sign a consent form for all major procedures; however, you have the right to change your mind and withdraw permission any time before the procedure.
If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you have the right to be informed if your stay is not covered and about your ability to appeal a premature discharge through the Important Message from Medicare Notice or the Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice.
You have the responsibility to provide, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to your health. You have the responsibility to report unexpected changes in your condition to the responsible practitioner. You are responsible for making it known whether you clearly understand a considered course of action and what is expected of you.
You are responsible for following the treatment plan recommended by the practitioner primarily responsible for your care. This may include following the instructions of nurses and allied health personnel as they carry out the coordinated plan of care, implement the responsible practitioner’s orders, and as they enforce the applicable Medical Center rules and regulations. You are responsible for keeping appointments and when you are unable to do so–for any reason–for notifying the responsible practitioner of the Medical Center.
You are responsible for being considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel and property. You are also responsible for your personal property brought into the organization. If you would like something secured during your stay, please notify the hospital staff.
You have the right to expect your provider(s) to coordinate your care with the help of the hospital staff and other specialists, as needed. You have the right to be involved in planning and making informed decisions about your care, your discharge, and any transfer or referral to another care provider. You have the right to have your pain addressed. You have a responsibility to follow through with the agreed upon plan of care. You have the right to include family or other representatives in making decisions regarding your care. You may have visitors you choose without discrimination. Occasionally, the hospital may restrict visitors if the visitor becomes disruptive to care or if your medical condition, or theirs, could compromise others or yourself when the visitors are present.
You have the right to personal privacy and have your care discussed in a way to protect this right to the best of our ability.  Your medical records will be confidential and not disclosed without your permission except as is allowed or required by State and Federal law.  You have a right to access your personal medical records in a timely manner.  
You have the right to refuse any treatment or medications, as permitted by law. Our staff will help you understand the possible medical consequences of your refusal. This information will also be documented in your medical record. You have the right to be free from restraint unless it becomes necessary to protect your safety or the safety of others.  You are responsible for the consequences of your decisions including any resulting harm if you refuse treatment or choose to not follow the plan of care recommended by your provider. When your refusal compromises the provider’s ability to meet ethical and professional standards, the provider may choose to end the patient-provider relationship with you and will give you appropriate notice if that is going to happen.
You have the right to have an Advance Directive or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. This document expresses your wishes and choices about your future care and the name of an advocate who will make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to do so.  If you have an Advance Directive, providing a copy to the hospital, your Advocate, your family, and your provider will help assure your choices are followed. If you do not have an Advance Directive, you are encouraged to discuss your wishes with your family and provider and to complete one. Patients unable to protect themselves have the right to have access to proactive services, if appropriate.
You have the right to a full explanation of your hospital bill and to information about financial assistance that may be available to assist you. You are responsible for providing accurate and timely information about methods of payment for services provided and your ability to meet financial obligations.
You have the right to be informed of, and a responsibility to follow, the hospital policies and practices related to patient care, treatment, and responsibilities. You have the right to be informed of available resources for resolving complaints, conflicts, and ethical issues. Any patient, family member, or other visitor having concerns about safety or quality of care provided by Eaton Rapids Medical Center is invited to report these concerns directly to either the department manager or hospital administration.
If you need help understanding your rights and responsibilities, please ask your caregivers.  If issues remain, please contact the Eaton Rapids Medical Center Department during normal business hours or the house supervisor during other times (517-663-2671). If your concern is not resolved, we may refer you to the Director of Risk Management (517-663-9442).  Complaints or concerns expressed are taken seriously, with required actions performed in a non-punitive manner. This facility is accredited by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Complaints or concerns regarding safety or quality of care may also be reported directly to DNV. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to better serve you!
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TTY 888-985-8775
If you have a medical emergency or are in labor, you have the right to receive, within the capabilities of the hospital’s staff and facilities:
  • An appropriate medical screening examination
  • Necessary stabilizing treatment (including treatment for an unborn child)
  • If necessary, an appropriate transfer to another facility even if you cannot pay, you  do not have medical insurance, or you are not entitled to Medicare or Medicaid
This hospital does participate in the Medicaid program.
Eaton Rapids Medical Center complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.
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