Eaton Rapids Medical Center named Top 100 Critical Access Hospital

Eaton Rapids Medical Center (ERMC) was recently named one of iVantage Health Analytics' Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the United States. ERMC was one of six hospitals earning the honor in Michigan, out of 1,337 certified Critical Access Hospitals located throughout the United States.

ERMC scored in the top 100 of Critical Access Hospitals on iVantage's Hospital Strength INDEX. The INDEX is the industry's most comprehensive rating of rural and Critical Access Hospitals. The results recognize that the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals provide a safety net to communities across rural America - measuring them across more than 70 different performance metrics, including quality, outcomes, patient perspective, affordability, population risk and efficiency.

"I'm so proud of the efforts our staff and physicians have made to achieve this designation," stated Tim Johnson, ERMC President and CEO. "We have made a commitment to improve the quality of care we provide to each and every patient, and our staff has remained dedicated to that promise. Our skilled and caring team, and the support of our community, made this honor possible."

In addition to the Top 100 award, ERMC has been recognized by the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) and iVantage Health Analytics for overall excellence in Quality and Patient Perspectives, reflecting top quartile performance among all acute care hospitals in the nation. NOSORH, which was established to improve access to, and the quality of, health care for America's 61 million rural citizens, designed the assessment to identify excellence across a broad spectrum of indicators relevant to hospital performance and patient care. Indicators included process of care and patient satisfaction survey scores. ERMC was one of 17 facilities recognized for quality and one of 21 recognized for patient satisfaction statewide.

"Rural healthcare deserves the same performance analysis as all provider performance. It plays a vital role for communities across America, serving more than 60 million people. The services provided in rural America are similar to those needed in any major metropolitan area, yet the volumes and economic resources provide little economies of scale, making for little benefit from scale. These top 100 Critical Access Hospitals exhibit a focused concern for their community benefits and needs, regardless of scale, reimbursement and people's ability to pay," said Michael Topchik, senior vice president of iVantage Health Analytics.

To view a complete list of the 2016 Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals, visit More information about the study can be found at

iVantage Health Analytics is a provider of healthcare analytic and performance management analytic tools. iVantage analytics and tools are the basis of continuing thought leadership and insight in the areas of healthcare policy and research. Eaton Rapids Medical Center is a full-service, critical access hospital located in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. For more information, visit

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Michigan Harvest Gathering replenishes local food pantries

Left to right: Eaton Rapids Medical Center employees Everett Hillard, Mark Rodge, Nic Fowler, Kathryn Huston-Smith and Leslie Neubecker-Czubko deliver Michigan Harvest Gathering contributions to local food pantries.

The local Michigan Harvest Gathering food drive collected $1,100 in funds and 1,866 pounds of food and personal care items between October 25 and November 8. The donations were delivered to Heart & Hands and St. Vincent de Paul in Eaton Rapids. The Michigan Harvest Gathering is an annual state-wide campaign that raises food and funds for Michigan's emergency food response. The campaign is celebrating 26 years of statewide hunger relief. In its first 25 years, the campaign raised over 54 million meals to help those in need. Eaton Rapids Medical Center has coordinated the drive for the Eaton Rapids area for several years.

The success of this year's drive was made possible by the many collection sites in town, including Eaton Rapids Medical Center, Eaton Rapids Middle School, Greyhound Intermediate School, Eaton Federal Savings Bank, Island City Academy, Island City Assisted Living, Ross & Associates Realtors, Eaton Rapids Senior Center, Laura DeLong Realty, Meridian Magnesium and Mark's Place.

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Community health alerts to your mobile device available free

When was the last time you checked to see if your child's prepackaged lunch muffins had been withdrawn from the market due to the presence of small pieces of plastic found in the product? Did you ever wonder if your daily supplement had been recalled because of possible contamination as evidenced by elevated lead levels? Perhaps you should because the consequences - if consumed - could be hazardous. But who has the time to search countless websites for recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts?

The good news is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers a free service that automatically sends public health updates to subscribers by email and text message. Users get to choose the alerts they receive by selecting preferences from a list on their website. Updates referencing a number of topics from animal and veterinary health, to food and nutrition, and even women's health issues are available for delivery right to your inbox or mobile device.

Eaton Rapids Medical Center Clinical Educator and Infection Control Manager, Barb Parrott, explains the importance of staying connected in order to be your own best advocate when it comes to health care. "There are so many resources for people to access that can help them stay informed. Knowledge equips us with the tools necessary to keep us healthy and safe. Taking a moment to explore credible sources for current evidenced-based health, safety and preparedness information enhances your ability to make more informed decisions for yourself and those you love."

To begin receiving updates on public health and regulatory topics, go online to and click on the link for Recalls. Select the red envelope to begin the process to sign up for recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts. If you are interested in notification on the latest adverse medication events or to report a problem with medical products, click on MedWatch: Safety Alerts on the homepage, then follow the Subscribe link and insert your email address. Confirmation will be sent to you upon receipt.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a similar service free of charge that updates users on additional health safety topics such as contagious diseases and emergency preparedness. Log on to to subscribe and select the items that interest you.

Safety and managing risk is a priority when it comes to preventative and diagnostic healthcare. Today's technology makes it easy to stay informed and ready to take action if the need arises. Protect yourself and your family. Sign up for email and text alerts today.

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