Emergency Department

John G. Fata, M.D. · Director of Emergency Physicians

At Eaton Rapids Medical Center, we treat various types of injuries and illnesses including heart attacks, strokes, trauma, chest pain, cuts, broken bones, burns, puncture wounds, allergic reactions, etc. Along with our Emergency Room physicians, nurses, and paramedics, our 24-hour X-ray, Laboratory, and Respiratory Departments are always ready to serve you. Eaton Rapids Medical Center will bill your insurance carrier for your visit to our Emergency Department. The base rate for an Emergency Room visit is posted in the Registration Department. There will be additional charges to cover costs of physician fees, supplies, medications, X-rays, laboratory tests, radiologist fees, etc. If you do not have insurance, Eaton Rapids Medical Center will be happy to make payment arrangements with you.

Emergency Medicine

  • Donna Brown, D.O.
  • John G. Fata, M.D.
  • Brent Felton, D.O.
  • Ryan A. Jones, M.D.
  • Polly Lilleboe, M.D.
  • Michael A. Racine, M.D.


Lutz Enterprises

  • Larry Lutz, CRNA
  • Martha Croswell, CRNA
  • Daniel J. Muir, CRNA
  • Lauren Phoenix, CRNA
  • Kirk Poenicke, CRNA
  • Phil Quintela, CRNA
  • Mark A. Scarberry, CRNA
  • Jonnie Vanderhoef, CRNA