High Definition Ultrasound


Eaton Rapids Medical Center has a Philips High Definition Ultrasound machine which provides outstanding imaging for various tests including OB/GYN, thyroid, gall bladder, kidney and others. Ultrasound is one of the most widely used diagnostic procedures available today and provides an easy, virtually painless means of observing soft tissue anatomy on an outpatient basis.

“Ultrasound imaging is remarkable because it’s a relatively low-cost and non-invasive way to look inside the body” said Suzanne Bradford, R.T., and Director of Radiology Services at Eaton Rapids Medical Center. “With the advanced Philips system, we can acquire a high level of diagnostic information and even provide patients and doctors with 3D and 4D images. These clear, breathtaking images will provide physicians with the sharpest pictures so that they can determine the best course of action.”

If you are scheduled to have an Ultrasound at another facility, we encourage you to try our new equipment. Our highly-trained and friendly staff are willing to accommodate your hectic schedule.

For More Information

Contact the Radiology Department at (517) 663-9426