Primary Care Physicians

Eaton Rapids Medical Center has your source for the top primary care physicians in the local area. We understand that choosing a personal doctor for you and your family is important, so we want to help the best we can to make that decision a little easier on you. Below is a list of all the primary care physicians in the Eaton Rapids area.

Family Practice & Redicare

Dr. Harshini Jayasuriya, MD (Dr. Hershey)

Dr. Harshini Jayasuriya, MD (Dr. Hershey)

The experienced family care professionals at Family Practice and Redicare specialize in care for your entire family. Our practice also is a certified walk-in clinic for when unexpected health concerns arise.

For more information please visit our Family Practice and Redicare page.

Springport Medical Clinic

  • 400 E. Main St, Suite 200
  • Springport, MI 49284

  • | (517) 857-4500
  • This medical clinic is in partnership with the Eaton Rapids Medical Center

  • | Monday - Friday:    8:30am - 5:00pm

Family Care Center

Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Ashok K. Gupta, M.D. (Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine, PCMH)
  • Thomas Kelly, D.O. (Emergency Medicine, PCMH)

Jonathan P. Wulff, D.O. Family Practice

  • Jonathan P. Wulff, D.O.
  • April Adado, PA (Physician Assistant)

Susan L. Courtnage, M.D., PC

  • Susan L. Courtnage, M.D.

Paul D. Hankenson, D.O., PC

  • Paul D. Hankenson, D.O.

Leslie Family Community Medical Center

  • Timur Baruti, M.D.