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MRI Scan

You don't have to take any time away from work to have an MRI exam. Eaton Rapids Medical Center has a mobile MRI Unit here each Saturday.

Our 70 inch circumference, wide-bore magnet is capable of accommodating patients that weigh up to 550 pounds. Patients that have experienced claustrophobia in the past may find the wide-bore opening an alternative that eases their discomfort. The Ingenia wide-bore MRI unit has the latest technology in MRI imaging and delivers high resolution images for a reliable diagnosis. Your physician will order the MRI exam and procure a pre-authorization if required by your insurance company

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) creates images with a magnetic field rather than radiation, allowing it to see differences between healthy and unhealthy tissue. MRI is the preferred method of imaging soft tissue like muscle, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. It is most helpful when looking at the brain, spinal column and joints.

Warning: If you have any metal implants, shrapnel, or medical devices implanted in your body, you may not be eligible to have an MRI. Please let the receptionist know during scheduling so that alternative testing can be arranged.

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