CAT Scan - (CT)

CT Scan

When it comes to your health, knowing what's going on inside is a good thing. That is why Eaton Rapids Medical Center's CT Scanner offers one of the best axial and helical image qualities available.

CT or computerized tomography is an advanced x-ray technique that allows your doctor and radiologist to view bones, organs, blood vessels and even your brain tissue in extraordinary fine detail. This information helps doctors diagnose a wide variety of conditions earlier and faster than ever before. The images provide critical information more economically than other tests or invasive techniques. In cases where surgery is recommended, the CT scan helps the surgical team in the planning process.

CT uses x-rays along with advanced computer technology to generate images of your internal organs and structures. The length of your exam depends on which study your doctor has ordered. Most exams are quick and painless, lasting just a few minutes. Quicker tests also mean less radiation exposure for patients. Our GE CT system is designed to provide better comfort for our patients, with a more open design which reduces claustrophobic affects. Our equipment also features radiation dose-reduction software. For more information on radiation exposure, click here.

If you are scheduled to have a CT at another facility, we encourage you to try our equipment. Our highly-trained, friendly staff is willing to accommodate your hectic schedule.

CT exams can be scheduled Mon-Fri from 9am to 4pm and is also available 24/7 for emergencies.

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