Auxiliary funds “Zen Den” at ERMC

HealthWorks Fitness Center manager Kayla Smith, ERMC Auxilian Nancy Pople, and ERMC president and chief executive officer Tim Johnson.

The Eaton Rapids Medical Center (ERMC) Auxiliary donated funds for the installation of a “Zen Den,” or relaxation room, for employees at the hospital. The room was completed last week and is accessible to ERMC staff 24/7.

The idea for a relaxation space came about when Capstone Leadership Solutions sent a Wellbeing Care Kit to the hospital that included a massager, essential oil diffuser, coloring books, and art supplies.

A letter accompanying the gift explained, “The work that all of you do each and every day to provide an amazing service to your communities in spite of the ever-present struggles to overcome is nothing short of heroic. We wanted to provide you a way to care for your staff. Please accept our kit as a blueprint to create a space of serenity for your staff to disconnect and break from the very valuable work they do every day.”

HealthWorks Fitness Center manager Kayla Smith, who has a passion for employee wellness and resiliency, ran with the idea. She picked out décor and added a massage chair, desk, yoga mat, meditation cushion, and supplies for tea, coffee, and hot cocoa. She was able to complete the room with a budget of $1,200. With this gift from the ERMC Auxiliary, the organization’s total lifetime contributions to the hospital exceed $500,000.

“This past year and a half has been very trying on our staff,” remarked Smith. “We truly appreciate the generosity of Capstone and the Auxiliary for providing a nurturing space for our employees to take a few moments out of their day to let go of their stressors and combat the effects of burnout that so many are feeling. Having that kind of support for our healthcare heroes has been wonderful.”

The Eaton Rapids Medical Center Auxiliary provides volunteers and financial support to the hospital. Together, Eaton Rapids Medical Center and the Auxiliary work hand-in-hand to improve healthcare for residents in the Eaton Rapids area. To learn more about the Auxiliary, visit

Zen Den

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