HealthWorks helps community survive holiday weight gain

In an effort to help the community stay healthy and fit during a time of year when many put health goals on hold, HealthWorks Fitness Center is kicking off the Holiday Survival Challenge November 10th-21st. HealthWorks' staff will help the community survive holiday weight gain by promoting exercise and healthy food selections while holding participants accountable for the choices they make over the season. Participants who maintain their weight throughout the season will earn a one-month membership to the fitness center.

A HealthWorks membership is not required for the challenge. For more information on the program and to sign up, stop in to be weighed by a staff member during the kick off period. Community members are encouraged to participate at no cost and are still eligible for the prize.

Weekly weigh-in progress through January 12th will be tracked anonymously on a Holiday Survival Challenge Maintenance Chart posted in the HealthWorks gym. HealthWorks is located on the second floor of Eaton Rapids Medical Center at 1500 South Main Street in Eaton Rapids. To sign up for this program or for more information about HealthWorks, stop by the fitness center or call (517) 663-9530.

Article posted on November 7th 2012.