ERMC installs hospital-wide emergency response application

Eaton Rapids Medical Center (ERMC) is now the first medical facility in the state of Michigan to implement the use of the RAVE Panic Button, a hospital-wide emergency response application. Citing a desire to ensure the safety of its staff and the Eaton Rapids community as a whole, ERMC administrators began enrolling all staff in the program in November of 2018 and completed the process shortly after.

The goal of the RAVE Panic Button app is to reduce the time it takes for you to reach help, and for help to reach you, in an emergency situation. The app houses various functions including notifying police, fire, and medical response teams with the touch of a button. The app also notifies all staff with real-time updates via text message on their cell phones whenever an emergency is reported in or around the hospital.

“This is an extra layer of safety and reassurance for our staff,” says Emergency Department Manager Angela Ackley MSN, RN who is leading the project’s implementation. “It really is a great initiative by ERMC to keep our people safe; it speaks volumes about how much the hospital cares.”

The Rave Panic Button is already in use by local fire and police departments, as well as the Eaton County Emergency Manager.

“Eaton County has been working with the Rave Panic Button app since 2015 with many of our K-12 schools,” said Ryan Wilkinson, PEM, MA Emergency Manager of Eaton County. “We’ve been encouraging the benefits of its purchase and use to other industries and critical infrastructure in the county, so we’re excited that Eaton Rapids Medical Center is on board and utilizing it!”

Members of ERMC staff toured the Eaton 911 dispatch center to see first-hand the difference in call times when using the app versus calling in from a personal phone.

“The difference in the time it took for that call to get through to dispatch was substantial,” says Ackley. “It was at least 30 seconds faster to use the RAVE Panic Button app than it was to call in regularly; and in an emergency 30 seconds can feel like a really long time. This puts you that much closer to that call for help.”

This application serves to replace “traditional” panic buttons, such as the type that are installed underneath desks or on office walls. Those designs are flawed because they require the user to spend extra time in a dangerous location in order to operate them. With the RAVE Panic Button the user is able to call for help from anywhere and the app will relay specific locational details to emergency services.

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Article posted on January 30th, 2019.