New Strategic Plan Approved: Focuses on Care, Community, and Capability
April 30th, 2018
I am excited to announce to the ERMC community that our new strategic plan has officially been approved by the Board. Over the course of the next four years this new plan will help us outline our vision of being the hospital that patients trust, physicians prefer, and staff members love. Creating and refining this plan has been a very involved process for all the committee members, managers, and staff who worked diligently on it, and I am proud of what we have achieved.

This new plan is based on five strategic pillars that provide a balanced structure or  our facility to thrive on. Those pillars include Community, People, Quality, Growth, and Finance; each of which plays an equally important role in allowing us to provide expert care to our patients and an environment in which our staff is invested and inspired every day. Every value underscored in the plan intentionally highlights our mission to Care. Serve. Inspire. First and foremost, we aim to be a patient-care centered facility in every sense; our primary focus is always to put the patient first. Additionally, we aim to meaningfully invest in exceeding physician expectations, strengthening community partnerships,  providing exceptional experiences for patients, and engaging, empowering, and energizing staff.

Our plan for the future also includes our hospital remaining an independent facility. It is centrally important to the identity of Eaton Rapids Medical Center that we are an independent hospital, and we will remain that way for as long as it is financially viable. We take great pride in the culture and environment we have cultivated here at ERMC, and being an independent facility has allowed us the freedom to do so. As such, it is something we will continue to work for each year.