ERMC Lab Delivers 'The Utmost Quality of Care'
September 6th, 2017
An inspector from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) visited ERMC last month to conduct a survey of our laboratory processes. This survey occurs every two years in order to maintain our accreditation. The surveyor reported only ten minor findings out of 1,800+ quality regulations requiring compliance. Laboratory staff now have 30 days in which to respond in writing as to the corrective actions that will be performed prior to receiving approval for reaccreditation. The surveyor was very impressed this year and told me that our lab delivers “the utmost quality of care” for our patients.
Laboratory manager, Trisha Fitnich, explained that “Laboratory science is all about detail-oriented people with the same personality and drive doing what we love. Medical decisions are being made every day based on the work we do, so it is very important that a high level of quality is maintained at all times. Patients’ health and lives depend on us.” A survey is requested by completing paperwork that fills a three-inch, three-ring binder, and the packet of regulations that must be followed in our lab every day is well over an inch thick. Any lab work that is performed at ERMC is a team effort requiring numerous checks and balances in order to prove that quality and accuracy metrics are met or surpassed. This is essential when we consider that 70% of medical decisions are based on lab results.
Join me in thanking our laboratory staff for working tirelessly to ensure that our patients can trust the results they receive will provide the knowledge our physicians need to correctly diagnose and treat their illnesses, and in congratulating them for maintaining quality standards over time that reflect in the great results received from this survey.