Surgical Services

Jeffrey Deppen, D.O. Chief of Surgery

Helping each patient and their family feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible is the goal of each of our Surgical Team members. We pride ourselves on making your experience positive. We have an exceptional team of surgeons, nurses and technologists who are experienced, highly-educated and devoted to your successful outcome. Our surgery suites feature high-tech equipment to perform a large variety of procedures in a pleasant setting specifically designed for your comfort and recovery.

Some common procedures performed include:

Orthopedic Surgery - Total joint replacement, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, hand procedures including carpal tunnel release, arthroplasty, trigger finger release, fracture repair

General Surgery - Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal), appendectomy (appendix removal), hernia repair, breast biopsy and breast cancer surgery, bowel resections, removal of masses, infusaport insertion

Pain Management Surgery - Injections, epidurals, rhizotomy, spinal cord stimulator trials and implants, spinal opiate catheter trials and implants

Plastic/Reconstructive/Cosmetic Surgery - Breast reduction and implants, abdominoplasty, variety of other plastic and reconstructive surgeries

Urology Surgery - Prostate and bladder tumor surgery, bladder suspension, hydrocelectomy, varicocelectomy, incontinence surgery

Eye Surgery - Cataract removal

Ear Surgery - Myringotomy with tube insertion

Podiatry Surgery - Variety of foot and ankle procedures


Cosmetic Surgery

  • Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons, PC
  • George P. Poletes, M.D.

General Surgery

  • Lansing Surgical Associates, P.L.L.C.
  • Jeffrey Deppen, D.O.
  • Troy Ferguson, D.O.


  • Eaton Rapids Women's Health
  • Sandra Russell, D.O.

Hand Surgery

  • Lansing Orthopedic, PC
  • Kenton Waterbrook, D.O.
  • Katranji Hand Center
  • Abdalmajid Katranji, M.D.
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  • Lansing Orthopedic, PC
  • John Flood, D.O.
  • Kenton Waterbrook, D.O.
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Pain Management

  • Richard Ferro, D.O.



  • David Johnson M.D.