Primary Care Physicians

Eaton Rapids Medical Center has your source for the top primary care physicians in the local area. We understand that choosing a personal doctor for you and your family is important, so we want to help the best we can to make that decision a little easier on you. Below is a list of all the primary care physicians in the Eaton Rapids area.

Family Practice & Redicare

Dr. Harshini Jayasuriya, MD (Dr. Hershey)

The experienced family care professionals at Family Practice and Redicare specialize in care for your entire family. Our practice also is a certified walk-in clinic for when unexpected health concerns arise.

For more information please visit our Family Practice and Redicare page.

Springport Medical Clinic

  • 400 E. Main St, Suite 200
  • Springport, MI 49284

  • | (517) 857-4500
  • This medical clinic is in partnership with the Eaton Rapids Medical Center

  • | Monday - Friday:    8:30am - 5:00pm

Family Care Center

Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Ashok K. Gupta, M.D. (Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine, PCMH)
  • Thomas Kelly, D.O. (Emergency Medicine, PCMH)

Jonathan P. Wulff, D.O. Family Practice

  • Jonathan P. Wulff, D.O.
  • April Adado, PA (Physician Assistant)

Susan L. Courtnage, M.D., PC

  • Susan L. Courtnage, M.D.

Paul D. Hankenson, D.O., PC

  • Paul D. Hankenson, D.O.

Leslie Family Community Medical Center

  • Timur Baruti, M.D.