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Breast cancer's numbers continue to rise, with nearly one in nine women likely to develop the disease sometime in their lifetime. If diagnosed early however, the remission rate is well over 85 percent.

According to the American Cancer Society, mammograms are still the gold standard in screening for breast cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends the following guidelines:

  • Women 40 years of age and older should have a mammogram every year and a clinical breast exam (CBE) performed by a health care professional every year. They also have the option of performing a breast self-exam (BSE) every month. The CBE should be done close to and preferably before the mammogram.
  • Women aged 20 to 39 should have a clinical breast exam by a health care professional every 3 years and have the option of performing breast self-exam every month.
  • Women at high risk (greater than 20% lifetime risk) should get an MRI and a mammogram every year. Women at moderately increased risk (15% to 20% lifetime risk) should talk with their doctors about the benefits and limitations of adding MRI screening to their yearly mammogram.

"Breast self-examination is one of the most important tools for early detections," said Sue Bradford, Radiology Department Manager, "but regularly scheduled mammograms can detect a lesion often times long before it can be felt."

"Our digital mammography systems help Eaton Rapids Medical Center provide the best possible exams. It also reduces the discomfort often associated with mammography, provides detailed images and actually reduces the amount of x-ray dosage the patient receives" said Mrs. Bradford. For more information on radiation exposure, click here.

A new product called Mammopad has also been added as a standard when performing this test. Mammopad is a layer of foam padding that is placed on the compression plates. Mammopad gives the breast tissue a bit of cushion, prevents slipping and adds warmth to the cool plates.

For More Information

Mammograms can be scheduled Monday-Friday. Evening appointments are available in order to accommodate hectic schedules. Walk-ins are welcome if; You are a woman over 40 years of age, are asymptomatic, it's been 1 year since your last mammogram and have a current physician.

Contact the Radiology Department at (517) 663-9426