MSU simulation provides realistic trauma training

On Tuesday, December 9, 2014, the Michigan State University (MSU) Learning and Assessment Center implemented and evaluated a trauma simulation exercise at Eaton Rapids Medical Center (ERMC). The simulation involved training a multidisciplinary team of clinical and non-clinical ERMC employees. Two Registered Nurse Educators and two Information Technology Specialists from MSU created a realistic trauma scenario using a high fidelity mannequin as a patient. The mannequin was able to speak, perform all bodily functions and respond to any treatment administered.

The scenario involved an individual with multiple traumatic injuries found staggering along the highway by a passerby. The passerby brought the individual (the mannequin or "Sim Man") in her vehicle to the front door of our Emergency Department. The "Sim Man" was unresponsive upon arrival, and it didn't become clear until later that he had been driving an all-terrain vehicle to a deer blind while intoxicated. He hit a tree and landed in a half-frozen pond before being picked up on the side of the road.

The "Sim Man" gave staff the ability to hear breathing and bowel sounds, feel pulses, obtain vital signs, monitor cardiac rhythms and oxygenation status, draw blood and perform x-rays and CTs, start IV's, place tubes, give medications and blood, and provide wound and fracture care. Each treatment intervention gave the care team a little more information about how the "Sim Man" was doing and prompted the next action. With so many things happening simultaneously - in such an intense situation - the importance of clear, closed loop communication and teamwork was key to achieving the best possible patient outcome.

"All the scenarios we plan come from real situations," explained Laura Prochnow, MSN, RN Simulation Manager at the MSU Learning and Assessment Center. "The great thing about this training is that it is performed in your own environment. We were able to involve emergency, laboratory, radiology, registration and respiratory staff."

Team members participated in a debriefing at the conclusion of the exercise. Prochnow, who received specialty training at Harvard University in the debriefing process, worked with staff to identify areas of success and change.

During the exercise, the following objectives were achieved:

  • Demonstrate appropriate trauma resuscitation strategies to a simulated patient
  • Plan and prioritize interventions and care used in treating a trauma patient with multiple, extensive injuries
  • Model effective team management and communication skills during the immersive simulation
  • Assess appropriate resources (staffing and materials) for a trauma patient

Eaton Rapids Medical Center is one of nine critical access hospitals in Michigan to receive this training, which was made possible through funding by the Michigan Center for Rural Health.

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Mitten trees offer warmth for community

Give what you can, take what you need.

Eaton Rapids Medical Center and Springport Medical Clinic have decorated trees with warm winter clothes for our neighbors in need. Please help yourself to any of the items. If you would like to contribute, please bring in clean, gently used or new mittens, gloves and hats of all sizes to add to the trees. Boots can even be placed under the trees. The Eaton Rapids Medical Center Mitten Tree is located in the Emergency Department Lobby at 1500 South Main Street in Eaton Rapids, MI 48827. Springport Medical Clinic is located at 400 E. Main Street Suite 200, Springport, MI 49284.

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HealthWorks helps community survive holiday weight gain

In an effort to help the community stay healthy and fit during a time of year when many put health goals on hold, HealthWorks Fitness Center is kicking off the Holiday Survival Challenge November 14th-26th. HealthWorks' staff will help the community survive holiday weight gain by promoting exercise and healthy food selections while holding participants accountable for the choices they make. Participants who maintain their weight throughout the season will earn a one-month membership to the Fitness Center.

A HealthWorks membership is not required for the challenge. Individuals and families are encouraged to participate at no cost by weighing in weekly and are still eligible for the prize. To help participants successfully maintain (or lose) weight, HealthWorks will offer tips from qualified personal trainers, recipes from a registered dietitian and a weekly healthy email.

Weekly weigh-in progress through January 11th will be tracked anonymously on a Holiday Survival Challenge Maintenance Chart posted in HealthWorks Fitness Center. HealthWorks is located on the second floor of Eaton Rapids Medical Center at 1500 South Main Street in Eaton Rapids. To sign up for this program or for more information about HealthWorks, stop by or call (517) 663-9530.

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